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The rules of the roleplay and the Academy.

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Sub-board: Notifications

Create a student

This is where you make your applications.

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Info hub

Information regarding the forum, such as announcements, the state of the world, and other things.

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The Academy Grounds (and the City too!)

The Dorms

A separate building attached to the first building of the Academy, the dorms hold both the Talented and the Reserve course, although the Talented obviously have many advantages over the Reserves, such as all around better rooms and services available to them at all times.

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The Outside Areas

The outside area of the Academy. Perfect for lounging around and for sports. Maybe you'll go and have a run or maybe eat outside with friends?

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Insides of the Academy

The First Floor

Within the first floor is the entrance hall, locked up tight. The School store is found here as well, along with the A/V Room and Classrooms 1-A and 1-B. Attached to the First Floor is “The Insides”, the dorm area for the students who want to stay inside the academy, which includes a cafeteria, storage, trash room and bathhouse.

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The Second Floor

The indoor pool is found here, along with the library and archives. Two changing rooms for boys and girls are attached to the pool as well. Classrooms 2-A and 2-B are found at opposite ends of the floor.

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The Third Floor

Upon coming up from the second floor, the Rec Room is straight ahead. To the left, it heads to the Art Room, along with the storage room. Go right, and the Physic Lab can be found. Inside the Physic Lab is the air purifier, along with the storage room. Classrooms 3-A and 3-B is right beside each other.

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The Fourth Floor

The Music Room can be found here, along with the Staff Room and Headmaster's Office. The Data Processing Room is also here. second Chem Lab is located here, containg various chemicals and substances. Classrooms 4-A and 4-B are located next to one another.

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The Fifth Floor

The final floor contains a dojo, along with the Biology Lab, The Greenhouse is found here, however, the room is given artificial sunlight and sprinklers. Three classrooms are found here, as opposed to the usual two. 5-A and 5-B are right next to each other, but 5-C is opposite to them.

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The City

The Entertainment District

Everything you need for entertainment is here. Parks, a sports stadium, gyms, karaoke bars, clubs, bars, everything you'd think would fit for some casual fun.

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The Shopping District

The Shopping District of the city holds everything you'd want for shopping! There are all kinds of shops here ready to fulfill your needs, be it fashion, games, sports, or literature.

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The Movie District

The Movie District of the town, this district has everything from over five different theaters to stores dedicated to movies to even their own set for shooting movies! Perfect for some good watching.

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Trial Grounds

The Trials

Let's go, students!

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Casual talk

Just a place to talk about anything not related to the RP.

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Roleplay Discussion

Discuss things inside the Roleplay. Perhaps you want to plot with some of the other students? Or maybe you just want to talk about roleplay in general here?

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Any suggestions to improve the board or the RP? Say it here!

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Advertise or Affiliate, put please let us advert on your side of things if you advert here.

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